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Indulge in Authentic Pizza Fritta Delight at Monella Pizzeria

Last year we were fortunate to visit Italy. After stops in stunning Matera and various towns in Puglia, we came back to Napoli. I was starving after a long drive and I went straight out from our hotel to enjoy a pizza fritta (the lesser-known cousin of Neapolitan pizza) at Antica Pizza Fritta da Zia Esterina Sorbillo – followed by a babà next door at Gambrinus . Enjoying this on the bustling streets of Napoli was a great experience.

There are lots of pizza restaurants in Stavanger but until now, I don’t think there have been any places that offers pizza fritta – basically a deep fried pizza! But now there is a place in town that can offer this: the pizza truck Monella Pizza . I stopped by one evening (at Lars Oftedals plass) as I saw that they had babà on the menu. This is a small yeast cake saturated in syrup made with rum and it often comes filled/topped with whipped cream or pastry cream. The Monella babà was lovely as it was saturated in the syrup and came with cream and berries.

A few days later I stopped by again – this time to check out their pizza fritta. They have various options and I choose a classical version with only tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta and basil. The pizza was done in 15 minutes and I sat down in a nearby shopping mall to enjoy it. The pizza was piping hot so it is a good idea to leave it for a few minutes to avoid getting third degree burns! It was larger than expected so I would say it was value for the money. When I had it in Napoli it came in a paper bag so that I could enjoy it on the go – this was not that easy with Monella’s pizza fritta. But apart from that, the pizza was delicious. There was a good taste from both the tomato sauce and the ricotta and that blended well with the mild mozzarella fior di latte.

Thanks to chef Simone and wife Lejla for serving a great pizza and a mouthwatering babà. I hope that the food truck will stay in this location for a while so that I can stop by on a summer day and enjoy a pizza fritta in the sun. If you haven’t tried Monella yet, be sure to try them out soon!


Pros: - only place you can get pizza fritta - available from Wolt and Foodora - value for money

Cons: - it is a truck – will it move around or stay at Lars Oftedals plass? - Only a couple of outdoor tables to enjoy the pizza

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