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Satisfy your pizza cravings at Mano Pizza

Updated: Feb 20

Note that Mano pizza closed down in January 2024!

I went to Mano Pizza in Pedersgata recently and it is great to see that they are expanding and there are now 3 branches in Oslo! The menu has been revamped with some new pizzas and I decided to have the Meat Feast. The concept is still the same – here you get square pizza by the meter and for takeout, they come in pink boxes.

Pizza is fast food and it dd not take long for me to get it served. The Meat Feast is topped with ragu, bacon, pepperoni, n'duja, mozzarella and tomato sauce. I loved the pizza, but I would have maybe enjoyed a bit more of spicy n’duja. I went there right after the new menu was introduced and the pizza was 149 kroner which is quite a good deal. Make sure to try out Mano Pizza if you enjoy pizza!


- good pizza

- menu with many different pizzas

- sit in and enjoy – or choose takeout


- it has not been that lively when I have been there

- limited wine selection

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