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Enjoying pizza at Citra again

Updated: Mar 5

We went to Citra in Fargegaten on a Thursday evening and got a table upstairs in the restaurant. We have been to Citra before (check out earlier reel on IG and postings), and we know that they have good pizzas. They have also added a couple of salads to the menu, but their focus is still on the pizzas. We decided to try something new, so Nikki ordered Peperoncino and I ordered Provola e Pepe. Pizza is fast-food so the food was served within minutes.

To summarize the pizza: simple yet delicious. It came with a tasty tomato sauce with smoked Provola cheese that gave the pizza a lovely smokey scent and taste. Apart from that, there was just a sprinkle of pepper, some olive oil, and some basil. Nikki also enjoyed her Peperoncino which also had the Provola cheese but hers was also topped with spicy salami. She was in a spicy mood so in her opinion it would have been even better with a sprinkle of `nduja. Both pizzas had a great crust that I could have nibbled on all night!

The wine list contains a decent selection of wines, and you can e.g. get a bottle of Ratti Langhe Dolcetto Colombè for 655 kr (230 kr at Vinmonopolet). I would however like to see a better selection by the glass. We had a glass of the Dolcetto and that was sadly served way too cold. Thanks for another great pizza experience, Citra!!

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