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Is Panzanella the best pizzeria in Stavanger?

I guess I must start by saying that I love pizza – and Panzanella is one of my favorite pizza places in Stavanger. The biggest challenge when I go to Panzanella is which pizza to order because there are so many good options. This time I decided to have the Carbonara pizza which is inspired by the classic Lazio pasta dish. Unfortunately, it was takeaway pizza as Panzanella is primarily a takeaway place. They only have a few seats for customers waiting and I think it would be awesome if there were a few seats to sit down and enjoy a fresh pizza.

Back home I opened the pizza box and the pizza looked great and it was topped with mozzarella, pancetta (a kind of cured pork belly), carbonara cream, pecorino cheese and of course pepper. The crust of the pizza was good, and it had a well-defined edge that was lovely (OK, so I love bread as well by the way) and the topping was tasty. The combination of pancetta and pecorino made it a bit salty, but it wasn't a problem. Thanks again for another delicious pizza Panzanella!

Which pizzeria in the Stavanger is your favorite?

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