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Busy evening at Villa 22

Updated: Mar 7

We stopped by Villa 22 on a Wednesday (day before Ascension Day) and as we came in rush hour (about 7.30 PM), the restaurant was packed. We decided to just share some starters and have a primi each. I would have enjoyed seeing a better wine menu at Villa 22 as the current wine list is quite limited. We ordered a Pinot Nero to start with and after checking, it turned out that it was not available. Then we ordered a Chianti Classico but ended up getting a Chianti and this was fine, but I would have enjoyed seeing better wines on the wine list.

We got the starters and the charcuterie included 3 types of salami, some sort of ham (that should have been cut in thinner slices) and two pieces of cheese. When our party of 4 said we were going to share the cold cuts to start with, it would have been a good opportunity for the waiter to suggest a larger portion.

Before we got the main meal, we ordered a bottle Ratti Barolo and asked to get a refill of water and this took quite some time. The plates that we used for the starter and wine glasses was not removed before the main meal was served and I guess the staff was just very busy. My risotto with grilled chicken and peas was not bad. The chicken was a bit dry, and I still think there should be less use of rocket as the presentation ends up looking a bit messy. The ragu was also a bit dry and uninspired.

All in all, it was a nice evening in the company of friends. Having said that, we have had better food (and much better service) before at Villa 22.

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