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Lovely pasta at Casa Gio

We have been to Casa Gio in Pedersgata a few times and we like the atmosphere there. We booked a table at 7.30 pm on a Friday and when we arrived, it was packed and unfortunately a couple of staff had fallen ill and so the others worked diligently to serve all the guests. The concept is the same: a small Italian restaurant with a few dishes on the menu based on today's ingredients. I was pleased to see that they have introduced a wine list and it was sorted by the various wine regions of Italy. It also looks like the wine cellar has been expanded as there was a lot to choose from. We had some charcuterie to start with an got a truffle salami, wild boar salami and pecorino cheese with truffle and parmiggiano reggiano.

We also got some homemade grissini that was lovely and some delicious bread. There were 3 dishes to choose from this evening: seafood linguine, ravioli or pasta with duck ragu. We chose the classic duck ragu and we didn't regret it. The pasta was served like in Italy with not much fuzz: good pasta with a ragu that is slow cooked and this one was made Bologna style – that is, a bit drier and not that much focus on tomatoes. Together with a Barolo from Anselma (riserva from 2010) this was a delicious meal. Thanks for another good dinner Casa Gio – we appreciate the focus on good ingredients and food that is made with love.

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