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Dinner at Buer Restaurant in stunning Hardanger

We finally got to visit Buer Restaurant on a Friday night in September 2023. The restaurant is located in Buer valley and this is a spectacular place. The valley is steep on both sides, glacier rivers runs right through it and you get a glimpse of the Buer glacier as you park. I can highly recommend a hike up to Buer glacier or to the peak Reinanuten!

The restaurant has huge windows facing the valley and glacier and as we walked in, the fireplace was lit and the restaurant was more or less full. We got a table in a corner and this was a bit dark and we did not get much of a view unfortunately. We came to the restaurant with expectations as the reviews have been great (e.g. in Bergen newspaper BT).

We got a presentation of the 3 course set dinner this evening and we were a bit disappointed that they did not offer a 5 course menu. It seems like the 5 course dinner is only served in the winter season. We got started with a appetizer and this was a small bowl of creamy mussel soup that was a bit salty and some delicious fresh bread. As this is Hardanger we got a glass of the local cider Humlepung from Aga sideri!

We continued with what the waiter referred to as “tartare” – basically seared sirloin slices served with porcini mayo, delicious, pickled cauliflower, greens and flowers. This was an explosion of flavors but there were maybe too many elements in this dish. For this dish I got the “Love You Bunches” red wine – made from Sangiovese grapes in California by Stolpman vineyards . The main dish this evening was pan fried cod with fried cabbage, vin jaune sauce, roe and currants. Again a delicious dish with a cod that was fried to perfection. In the glass I got a Chardonnay from Sandhi wines – again from California. The dessert was ice cream with honey cracker and blueberry sauce served with a Recioto della Valpolicella.

All in all this was a good meal but they are sticking to some very safe bets. I do like the fact that they are using local products and that there is a focus on linking the meal to the area. But the main question is “is it worth going out of your way to eat here?” On this evening, my answer is no. To get here from Odda, you need to drive for about 20 minutes or take a taxi/shuttle that is 400 kroner each way if I’m not mistaken. But if are heading to this beautiful place to go for hikes to Buer glacier, this is absolutely a restaurant to stop at to enjoy lunch or dinner.

The 3 course dinner was 895 kroner per person and wine pairing was 645 kroner per person.

Pros: Good food with local ingredients Beautiful views to Buer glacier

Cons: Out of the way (20 minute drive from Odda)

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