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Wedding anniversary at Lysverket (Bergen)

This is from a visit to Lysverket in Bergen in September 2023! The interior was a mix of dark wood and concrete and the restaurant felt a bit dim when we walked in. We started with a lovely champagne from Champagne Diebolt-Vallois before we got the bluefin sashimi in an intensely green nasturtium sauce. The fish was amazingly tender, and the sauce had a bit of kick from some chili oil.

We continued with Junmai sake from Yukiotoko and got a Japanese dish made from Mahogany shell piece, cucumber and topped with fermented tomato juice. To start with this dish appeared strange to my pallet but there was a lingering aftertaste that was very pleasant. We moved to white wine and got a Chenin Blanc from Testalonga: ‘El Bandito’ Lords Of Dogtown. The monkfish that we got next was perfectly cooked with a hint of mustard on the edge and came with a delicious creamy artichoke puree and a reduction that was an explosion of flavors that reminded us about refined gravy.

We continued with seafood and the scallops we got was also great. It was maybe “drowned” a bit with the creamy sauce with mushroom – but still a great dish. The sauce was great, and we used some of the bread to get all the last drops from the plate.

Another highlight of the dinner came next when we got grilled langoustine topped with a Norwegian cured ham and it came with a small zucchini side. The langoustine and especially the zucchini had an intense grill flavor that was just amazing! This was served with Olla Blanc, an orange wine from Matassa.

It was time to move on to meat and we got a BBQ pork neck with kale and apple. This was served with a Cabarnet Franc (Les Moulins) from Domaine Guiberteau and we continued with venison with blackcurrant as the next dish and this was served with a Chianti Classico from Felsina. Both the meat dishes were good but not as epic as some of the seafood dishes.

It was time to round of the meal and I was looking forward to that (I do have a sweet tooth) as I had heard that their dessert game was epic. On this night, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. We started with a very berry dish with strawberries and rhubarb – served with a buttermilk ice cream and paired with a Riesling Auslese from Hirschhof. We continued with a pistachio puff with almonds and paired with a Madeira from Barbeito Madeira. Both good dishes but not as impressive as some of the photos I have seen from other guests.

Thanks for having us Lysverket. We had a great evening and got to challenge the tastebuds and enjoy good food.

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