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Engaging dining experience at POLKA Grill & Spiseri

POLKA Grill & Spiseri is a recent addition to the Stavanger restaurant scene, and it is situated above Fish & Cow and Tango in Torgterassen. The restaurant's concept involves embedded grills at each table, promising an engaging dining experience. Our Friday evening began with a subtle sense of neglect from the staff upon entry. In addition to this, they were not able to find our booking but luckily there was a table that we got to keep for 1 ½ hours even if our booking specifically said 2 hours.

Navigating the menu was seamless with iPads for ordering but we got some advice from our waitress. Intrigued by the offerings, we selected the Seafood special and Surf & Turf packages, enhanced with a couple of add-ons – a note for future diners, these extras lack detailed descriptions on the Polka homepage.

The culinary spectacle unfolded swiftly, with sides and delights for grilling arriving promptly. My Seafood special featured prawns, trout, monkfish, mashed potatoes, saffron white wine sauce, capers, and Romaine lettuce. The Surf & Turf package boasted scallops, trout, a petite steak, cured duck breast, baked potatoes, creamy mushroom sauce, and chimichurri. Our table transformed into a banquet for three, complete with plates and tongs for efficient grill handling.

The vibrant atmosphere was enhanced by larger groups engaging in the communal joy of preparing and relishing food together. Ingredients, seemingly infused with oil or marinade, hinted at a culinary secret for enhanced flavor and simplified grilling. The mash, saffron sauce, and mushroom sauce added delightful notes to the flavor symphony.

The centerpiece grill worked flawlessly, complemented by a well-placed smoke extractor, ensuring a smoke-free grilling experience. Accustomed to culinary endeavors at home, we found fish and meat preparation easy but for novices, caution is advised – mishandling could jeopardize these premium ingredients.

Our visit to Polka was a delightful exploration of this innovative concept, tempered only by a subdued welcome and a booking hiccup. While the Seafood special satisfied, opting for the Surf & Turf or Meat lover package might unlock a more fulfilling experience. Thanks for having us Polka!

Pros: - Fun to grill together - good ingredients

Cons: - you must do the work yourself - you can ruin some of the ingredients

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