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Enjoying a Sadya lunch at Spisoh

We've visited Spisoh a few times in the past and always enjoyed the delightful South Indian cuisine at their Løkkeveien restaurant. Recently, a post on their page caught our attention—an announcement about a Sadya lunch. Intrigued, we promptly signed up for this unique experience. Sadya comprises an array of traditional vegetarian dishes, typically served on a banana leaf in the Kerala region of India, and is a customary lunch offering at traditional feasts.

Having previously relished banana leaf meals in places like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, the prospect of trying a similar experience in Stavanger excited us. Arriving at Spisoh on time, we found banana leaves neatly arranged on tables, following the traditional orientation with the tapering end pointing to the left. Nitish, one of the owners, shared some information with us—explaining that side dishes, savories, and pickles are served on the upper half of the leaf, while rice and toppings occupy the lower half.

Our culinary adventure began with daal, enhanced by a small drizzle of ghee. Despite the option of cutlery, we opted for the traditional method—using our hands to savor the flavors. It was a feast for both the eyes and the palate, featuring an array of tastes, including fresh banana, potatoes, grilled cauliflower, pineapple in sauce, mint chutney, lentil cake, and poppadom.

After enjoying the daal, we were treated to a refill of rice topped with sambar, a delectable lentil-based vegetable stew. The informal setting allowed the Spisoh crew to circulate, replenishing our plates throughout the experience. Towards the end, we were pleasantly surprised with small desserts, resembling a sweet rice pudding.

This was indeed a special event not usually found on the regular menu. We hope that Spisoh considers making it a recurring occasion, providing more people the opportunity to embark on this culinary journey through South India. Our gratitude to Spisoh for hosting us and guiding us through this flavorful adventure!

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