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Finally got to visit Restaurant Annen Etage again!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

I have had some of the best dining experience in Stavanger at Restaurant Annen Etage and it was to visit it for the first time (way back in 2007) for a "fine dining" dinner. Over the years it looks like the restaurant has struggled a bit to find its place on the Stavanger restaurant scene but last year it was refurbished and now we finally got to visit the restaurant again. Before, the interior was old school and inspired by the fact that it is an old sea house. But now after the renovation, it has become warm with stylish green interiors and great lighting - and if you get a window table, you also get a great view of Stavanger harbor.

We decided on a 5-course menu this evening and soon we got a little appetizer - a mussel croquette served on a tray of mussel shells. Inside the croquette there was bechamel sauce and it was a lovely little snack. The first proper dish was grilled salad (hjertesalat) on yogurt and topped with Fønix (blue cheese from Stavanger Ysteri) and this was lovely and it would have been nice with some bread to be able to get all that lovely juice from the plate. We continued with a plate of spring greens with smoked cod roe and asparagus. As you can see from the picture - a joy for the eye but also a joy for the palate.

At this point we got some bread, and it was a delicious as it was a fresh campfire style bread with good butter. There is usually some fish on the menu and the next dish was a very good redfish (uer) served with tomatoes and kale and after that we also got some local lamb. Before dessert we got a little palate cleanser but I think I would rather call it dessert number 1 because it was a lovely buckthorn ice cream with granite of spruce sprouts and dessert number 2 was coffee ice cream with chocolate and cognac. It was all rounded off with stuffed canelé.

Chef Runar Helgeland has done a great job here - lovely flavors and contrasts and dishes that were beautifully presented. I would have enjoyed having the portions a bit bigger but all in all this was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next visit!

Facts: Homepage: Location: Skagen 26 – see this Google map. Price: 950 Norwegian kroner (115 USD)

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