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Good food - at Garcia

Updated: Feb 20

Note that Garcia has closed down permanently!

We went to Garcia on Saturday night - we have been there a few times before and it is always great to be back. It was nice to see that there was lots of people in the restaurant and luckily we had a reservation. At Garcia you order straight from you cellphone like you do at many other restaurants these days and it works. We decided to start with cod croquettes (or bolhinos as they are also known as), arancini (risotto balls) and a tartar of smoked salmon from Janas. I love good bolhinos as these were creamy and had a good taste of the cod. The aranici was also good and the smoked salmon tartar was lovely served with a carrot emulsion. Janas (a fish smoking store) is located just a few hundred meters from the restaurant so this is indeed local food!

I choose risotto verde as my main dish and it came with mushroom and pecorino. I love my risotto and this was good and I would have enjoyed a bit larger portion. This dish was quite light compared to the beef cheeks that some of the others chose. The beef cheeks was real comfort food served with a rich red wine sauce and a creamy celeriac pure. And yes – the meat was soooooo tender! As I had a light main dish, I had room for some dessert. The Basque cheesecake is a simple cheese cake – but it was damn good and had an awesome creamy texture!

I have said it before – Garcia does not get enough recognition on the Stavanger restaurant scene in my opinion. Their main focus to make good food and they did just that once again!


Location: Ryfylkegata 33 - see this Google map

Price for the food on this visit (two starters, two mains and one dessert): 1000 kroner (about 118 USD)

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