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Grand opening of Sirkus Renaa Møllekvartalet in Sandnes

And just like that, Sirkus Renaa unveiled its latest branch at Møllekvartalet in Sandnes. On February 9th 2024, Mayor Kenny Rettore officially inaugurated the establishment alongside owners Torill Renaa and Sven Erik Renaa. I frequent Sirkus Renaa often due to their delectable offerings. Their assortment includes the finest croissants, pain au chocolate, cruffins, and more, with a special shoutout to Nikolai Meling. The overall quality of their breads is exceptional, and their cakes, skillfully crafted by the team led by Hege Andersen, are worth trying—especially the Basque cheese cake and the tindvedosteterte.

I appreciate their commitment to training the next generation of bakers, ensuring a legacy of excellent products. Sirkus Renaa Møllekvartalet seems poised to emulate the success of Sirkus Renaa Sølvberget—a café offering delightful buns, croissants, breads, gelato, and now, pizza. For menu details and opening hours, visit their webpage.


Congratulations on the expansion to Sandnes, Sirkus Renaa! Here's to a warm welcome from the good people of Sandnes.

Pros: - Great pastries, cakes, breads etc - Option of getting a good pizza

Cons: - Some will find it expensive. Quality costs!

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