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Mixed feelings about Tex-Mex at Harry Pepper

We stopped by Harry Pepper on a sunny Friday evening in June 2024. We made a booking request via the web page that was accepted, but there was some confusion when we arrived as it didn’t seem like they had our booking details. For some reason, Harry Pepper does not have a proper online booking but at least we got a table this evening.

The place is still a lively restaurant and bar and there are seats spread on several floors and outside in the summer season (called Harry Pepper bar). The restaurant has existed for quite some time (since mid 1980's) and has been in different location but now it is situated at the harbor of Stavanger. The focus is still on Tex-Mex food, and you can choose a 3 course menu or go à la carte. When we arrived there was some complimentary tortilla chips and salsa on the table and this was great as I was starving. To get drinks, it was recommended to order via a QR code to get a 10% discount, but we still had to order the food via the waiter so I’m not sure that makes any sense. The selection of beer is very focused on Lervig beer which is good as we like to support local businesses – but I would like to see more options.

We started with tacos and had Yucatan pulled pork taco and spicy crab taco. The tacos are quite loaded and are not really the proper Mexican style that we e.g. saw at Casa Salsitas (now closed down unfortunately). But the pulled pork taco was not bad, but the spicy crab taco could have had more of a spicy bite.

As a main we decided to have fajitas. This used to be The big thing at Harry Pepper but to reduce food waste, you now must order sides as side dishes at extra cost. I missed this detail, so I just ordered the fajita and that ended up being quite dry. I do see their point of reducing food waste but at the same time, a beef fajita with all the sides will add up to 490 kroner which is not a good deal in my opinion. We did end up ordering some extra guacamole and it was quite good, but it was a tiny portion. I guess I should have gone back to read my notes from a visit in 2020 when I mentioned that it is important to choose all the sides or else it ends up being a sad fajita. It feels a bit ironic that I missed my own advice in a previous review.

All in all, it seems like things have not changed much at Harry Pepper. The Tex-Mex menu remains basically the same, but it seems like some of the prices has increased more than expected

Pros: - a lively Tex-Mex restaurant and bar - tortilla chips and salsa complimentary

Cons: - You need to order sides separately for the fajitas and nachos - with all the sides, fajitas are close to 500 kroner! - would like to see a proper booking system

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