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Seafood Valentine's Day dinner at Bevaremegvel

On Valentine's Day, we decided to savor a delightful evening at Bevaremegvel in Stavanger, making sure to secure a reservation in advance due to the bustling nature of the restaurants in Stavanger. Bevaremegvel exudes a timeless charm, maintaining a French-inspired brasserie feel with its classic yellow walls, dark furniture, and crisp white tablecloths. Despite the passage of time, the essence of the restaurant remains unchanged.

One aspect that sets Bevaremegvel apart is its slightly more expansive seafood selection compared to most Stavanger restaurants. The allure of a special Valentine's Day menu added an extra touch of excitement to our dining experience. To our delight, the accommodating waiter informed us that we could combine items from both the regular and Valentine's Day menus.

Opting for a starter of lobster bisque, I embarked on a sensory journey heightened by its intense aroma and rich taste. Paired with a meticulously prepared scallop, this dish turned out to be a treat for me but some might find the intense aroma and flavors a bit overpowering.. Meanwhile, Nikki, my Valentine, savored scallops served as ceviche, artfully complemented with soy tapioca and a hint of green chili for a subtle kick. The initial bread and aioli served were a delightful precursor to the culinary delights that awaited us.

As we eagerly anticipated our main courses, a minor hiccup unfolded. A different waiter presented our dishes, and confusion ensued as my ordered turbot was placed before me, leaving Nikki with a portion of skrei (arctic cod) instead of the anticipated monkfish. While our primary waiter promptly apologized and assured us of a quick correction, the subsequent wait stretched to an unexpected 25 minutes, slightly dampening the anticipation of relishing our meals together.

Once the correct dishes arrived, the culinary excellence of Bevaremegvel shone through. Nikki's monkfish, accompanied by a beetroot pavé, butter sauce, and spinach, proved to be a delectable choice. Simultaneously, my turbot, adorned with Jerusalem artichoke puree, grilled Romanesco, and brown butter, was also delicious but I would have enjoyed a slightly bigger portion.

To further enhance our culinary adventure, we sampled the misdelivered cod, revealing a divided opinion. I appreciated the interplay of bacon and a robust red wine sauce, enhancing the cod's delicate flavors. In contrast, Nikki felt that these elements overshadowed the fish's subtlety.

In retrospect, our visit to Bevaremegvel would have been flawless if not for the mix-up in our orders. However, recognizing the challenges of a busy kitchen environment, we appreciate the efforts of the staff to rectify the situation. Thank you, Bevaremegvel, for an evening of culinary delights, albeit with a momentary detour.

Pros: - Good to have several seafood options - Open for lunch and dinner - stylish Parisian/French style

Cons: - not an extensive menu - main portion should have been slightly larger

Cost of food this evening was 1350 Kroner (128 USD)

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