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Sharing food at Nick & Jonnies

We stopped by Nick & Jonnies on a Friday night, and we were a little surprised that it was not quite full. We had booked a table just in case and we got a corner table with lots of room for the party of 4. Nick & Jonnies' menu is very international! Here you'll find clipfish croquettes, aranici, Korean-style chicken, trout sashimi etc. As you can see, food from all over the world. But the great thing about the menu is that there are many small snack portions and that means that it is perfect for sharing if you are a group of 4 to 8. We were a party of 4 this evening and we ordered a mix of snacks. In addition to the croquettes, arancini and Korean chicken that I mentioned earlier, we also ordered grilled vegetables, bao, sweet potato fries and an entrecote. The food was served after only 20 minutes, which was perfect for us as we were getting hungry. All the dishes worked well and sharing the concept was perfect for us this evening.

The restaurant also has an extensive wine list and has been awarded the Best of Award of Excellence in Wine Spectator so there are plenty of fine wine available here. Due to this I was a bit surprised when our waiter opened a bottle of wine and didn’t taste it to verify that it was good. He left this to us, and I was OK with that even if I was a bit surprised. Thanks for a good meal, Nick & Jonnies – we enjoyed the food and we loved the sharing concept and all the various flavors!

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