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"Streetfood" to share - lunch at Foodloose

This is another restaurant that has opened up recently in Stavanger. It opened in February and the full name is Foodloose by House of Fingerfood. In the past they have been focused on catering and special events but now they have opened up a restaurant that focus on tapas and streetfood. We went there on a cold March Saturday for lunch and the entrance is quite anonymous in Kirkegata. The interior on the other hand is far from anonymous with birdcages with lights, lit signs, slogans like “It may look like hell but it tastes like heaven”, mirrors and flowers in the ceiling!

We decided to order some dishes to share and went for buffalo wings, crispy chicken balls from Vietnam, soft steamed bun (bao) and thai inspired spring rolls. The food was served fast which was a bonus for us as we were hungry after a morning workout. I can’t say that I have come across crispy chicken balls in Vietnam, but they were tasty and it was a combination of chicken meat and a dough that they were baked/fried in. The Thai inspired spring rolls were good with a spicy sweet chili sauce and the steamed but was also good. The buffalo wings was good even if the blue cheese sauce on the side did not have much blue cheese taste if you ask me. The wings were a bit under-cooked if you ask me as they were quite red near the bone. I told this to the waiter and agreed that it was a bit under-cooked, but they wanted to avoid completely dry wings. I can understand that, but it is not that appealing to eat chicken wings that are completely red in the center. All in all, the food was very good and it would be great to go there as a big group! So gather your friends and go there to order a lot of what they have on the menu and share it!

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