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Tasting Peruvian food at Molinå Eatery

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

We have enjoyed the excellent breads and sandwiches from Molinå Bakery since they opened so we were excited when they announced the evening alternative called Molinå Eatery . The people that started Molinå are all from Peru so the Eatery will have a focus on Peruvian food of course.

We went there on a Saturday night with friends and note that you should book in advance as they only have room for about 10 people. There is only a set menu in the eatery and hence the only decision you have to make is concerning drinks. We decided to go for the wine pairing, and we started with a lovely white Rhone wine from Domaine La Florane and got some of their wonderful sourdough bread (of course) and a dish called Black Aubergine. This was a delicious start to the meal with a mash of eggplant (like baba ghanoush) topped with pickled carrots. It is the kind of dish where you continue to use the bread to get all the last bits of the food from your plate. The food was served as sharing platters and for some reason I’m not crazy about this.

We continued with a Spanish white wine from CVNE and got baked potatoes with Huancaina Sauce. I guess we were tricked by the presentation as we thought it would be a warm dish, so we were a bit disappointed when it turned out to be a cold dish. The potatoes were baked to be soft, but even if I’m Norwegian, I am not crazy about potatoes, so this dish did not do it for me.

We moved on to an Alvarinho from Soalheiro and got a yellowfin tuna ceviche. The tuna was prepared in a ponzu sauce and was a mouthwatering dish. With some sweet potato and some garnish, it was also a very pretty dish!

The last dish was octopus chaufa rice served with a Pinot Noir from Chanin wine. Apparently this is the Peruvian version of fried rice and it was presented with pieces of octopus, cured egg yolk on top and garnish. The rice was rich in taste and the octopus were juicy and tender.

The dinner ended with sourdough buñuelos (fried dough fritter). I love my sweet, fried stuff so I’m not sure what it was, but I was a bit disappointed by them. They had a bit of bite resistance and I guess I was hoping for something lighter and sweeter. But then again, I have no idea how a buñuelos should be.

Thanks for introducing us to the Peruvian cuisine Molino Eatery. The service at the restaurant was great and we got lots of information about the wines and food that was served. The menu was maybe a bit uneven, but we do look forward to seeing how this develops!

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