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Vegan dinner at Bellies - featuring Jo Bøe Klakegg

With covid-19 restrictions in Oslo, a few restaurants there have chosen to close for a while. This means that chefs have time to do guest appearances in Stavanger and we appreciate that. A couple of weeks back, Jo Bøe Klakegg (chef from Restaurant Hot Shop) had an event at Bellies. We managed to get a table and was ready to try some vegan “fine dining” once again – Bellies is still the only vegan restaurant in Stavanger as far as I know.

This time the concept was a set 8 course menu and we started with some lovely fried bread topped with dried, crunchy cabbage. We continued with small dishes such as artichoke pieces, endive in a lemon sauce, a pumpkin “porridge” that was spiced up quite a bit with habanero sauce, potato cream and cauliflower with truffles. As we were quite hungry (and wanted to taste their excellent pizza once again) we also convinced them to squeeze in a pizza before we started with desserts.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was good and it seemed like the chefs were enjoying their work and having a good time and that usually results in good atmosphere and good service. We rounded of the evening with a couple of desserts. My favorite was the delicious almond ice cream with buckthorn and topped with a hazelnut praline. Thanks for the excellent food to chef Jo Bø Klakegg and Bellies – we look forward to visiting you again.

Facts: Homepage: Location: Støperigata 6 - see this Google map

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