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Al fresco dining at Brøl

We visited Brøl on a beautiful sunny day in May! This bistro, focusing on its bar and sourdough offerings, is conveniently located across the road from Ostehuset Øst in Storhaug. Brøl has taken over the space previously occupied by Basil & Co and Garcia, and they offer seating both indoors and outdoors. On this gorgeous day, we snagged a sunny outdoor table—an ideal spot for the afternoon, so don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen if you plan to sit outside!

The menu features items like bangers & mash, a chicken dish, a Reuben sandwich, and a variety of sourdough pizzas. While I was hoping for a broader beer selection, their focus is on Lervig. It's fantastic to see them supporting a local brewery, but it would be nice to also see options from e.g. Jåttå Gårdsbryggeri or Salikatt. Still, enjoying a cold Lucky Jack in the sun while waiting for our pizza was delightful.

Our pizza arrived at the table, though without napkins or cutlery, which I had to fetch myself from inside. Nikki ordered the Spicy pizza without mozzarella, and it hit the spot with its n’duja spiciness. I tried the Margrethe, Brøl’s twist on the iconic Pizza Margherita. The crust and base were good, but it was a bit salty due to some seasoning on top and slightly greasy—likely because I requested extra cheese. After my bike ride, the salty and slightly greasy combo was satisfying, though I was perhaps hoping for a more traditional Margherita. Then again, this was a Margrethe 😉

After a couple of beers and some pizza, it was time to head back home in the sunny weather. Thanks for the pizza—it’s wonderful to see more dining options in the Storhaug area, and I hope locals stop by to support this bistro!


- outdoor area for enjoy a pizza in the sun

- informal, local neighborhood bistro and bar


- would like to see a better lager/pilsner selection

- pizza was a bit on the salty side

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