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Back at Mano Pizza

Updated: Mar 7

Note that Mano Pizza closed down in 2024!

I have not been to Mano Pizza for quite some time! They started out with a small pizza place on the floor below Hekkan Burger Stavanger but they soon needed more space and moved across the street. The new restaurant is much better than the old one with lots of places to sit and views to Pedersgata . But they have kept the old trademarks of square pizzas and focus on pink ;-)

Mano Pizza have a lot of pizzas on the menu, and I ended up ordering the Parma (yes, I guess I should have been more adventurous). It took 15-20 minutes to get the pizza served and it looked great when it was placed in front of me. It had a defined edge (can you still call it cornicione on a square pizza?) , a sprinkle of rocket salad, slices of Parma ham and a generous spread of parmesan chunks!! In the past I have been a bit unhappy with the pizza crust at Mano Pizza as it has been thin and wet. This time it was just right, and I was able to fold up the slices to enjoy the crust and topping like you should be able to do. I would have enjoyed having a more defined tomato sauce but that is just a detail - all in all this was a very good pizza!

Thanks for the pizza, Mano! I will stop by again soon and the next time I will try to be more adventurous Mano Pizza have expanded to the big city by the way! You can enjoy Mano Pizza in Oslo and it is on Grünerløkka.

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