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Birthday gift : dinner at RE-NAA

Updated: Jun 25

In November 2020 I got a chance to re-visit RE-NAA as I had gotten the reservation and meal as a gift from friends! How amazing is that? RE-NAA got 2 Michelin stars this year so we were of course very excited. We got to the restaurant at about 6 PM and were greeted by the staff as we entered and we were shown to our table. As we were the first ones there, I got the opportunity to take some photos and just take a look at the stylish restaurant in this beautiful, old and renovated building (located in Eilert Smith hotell). We soon got some drinks and could enjoy the view to the chefs that were preparing the meal that evening– or should I say, the chefs that were preparing the experience for that evening!

There is not much you have to decide on – the menu is set and you only have to decide if you want a wine pairing or not. We decided to enjoy the wine pairing – after all this was a big celebration. As the menu changes due to season and access to ingredients, I will not go into details about every dish but I hope that the photos will give you an indication of what to expect if you ever end up going to RE-NAA.

We started with small appetizers that are tiny pieces of art that you devour in one bite basically. A small potato flatbread topped with roe, small chicken and lobster snack with herbs, chicken liver snack etc. We soon moved over to a seafood section with raw shrimp and then to a platter of oyster, mussel and clams – all topped with various ingredients to enhance and compliment flavors – I still find Mahogany clam (kuskjell) to be very good both in taste and texture!

As we live on the coast, we continued with seafood. Next up was tuna, an amazing squash dish topped with black garlic and lemon, lobster in three settings, a beautiful scallop, and Norwegian haddock (uer). In the end we returned to land and had quail breast, quail legs and ended up with reindeer with an amazing sauce. We rounded of the meal with no less than three desserts – and selection of petit fours.

All in all, an amazing meal and it is incredible to see what Renaa has been able to do with this place in few years. At the moment, I think RE-NAA is the only Norwegian restaurant that has two Michelin stars and it is quite an experience to dine there. Food is one thing - but everything else also works without any flaws. I'm very impressed by the service and knowledge that the staff displays. Highly recommended if you want to celebrate something special – or just want to celebrate life!


Location: Nordbøgata 8, Eilert Smith hotell – see this Google map

Price: Set menu including 20-22 servings: 2400 NOK (270 USD)

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