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Cheese overdose at Smashin'

Updated: Feb 20

Note that Smashin' has closed down permanently!

We stopped by Smashin' in April and were pleased with the burgers there (see this review). As a new menu has been launched, we stopped by on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy some burgers (we had been on a mountain hike and felt we deserved it). Other news since the last time we visited was the option to sit outside and that they can now offer beer/wine. The weather this day was actually great so we sat outside and ordered some food via the Ordr website.

As I love cheese and bread, I had to test the new Cheesy Overkill and Nikki ordered the Kim Chi-Un (fantastic name). It did not take that long for the food to get ready and the first thing we noticed was that the buns were changed and that seemed to be an upgrade. My Cheesy Overkill had cheese on the burger patty but also got cheese sauce poured on top! In theory, this sounds like a match made in heaven to me but it was actually a bit strange with a sauce on top of a burger. The cheese sauce appeared a bit neutral and I would have preferred a more defined cheese taste. And it was strange to have to eat with a knife and fork when you are used to eating a good burger with your hands. It was also quite spicy - I like spicy food but I usually don’t prefer spicy burgers so I should probably have opted out of jalapenos. Nikki was happy with her burger but would have enjoyed even more focus on the kimchi. We also had baked potatoes (or Tatos) but these were quite bland so they need to work a bit more on those.

It is great to see that Smashin are trying new varieties of burgers! We'll be going here again but I'll probably stick to a burger without cheese sauce next time. Next time I will probably stick to Maillard Reaction or Sledne Linda.

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