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Smashin' - first smash burger place in Stavanger

Updated: Feb 20

Note that Smashin' closed down in 2023!

I love it when new places open in Stavanger! This time we are talking about a new burger place and they make “smash burger”. This means taking the patty and flatting the meat while it is frying. Due to this the name of the new place is Smashin’ of course. We stopped by this new place in Østervåg on a weekday and it was quite empty – they have only been open for a couple of days. There are a few tables, a hidden door is disguised as a bookshelf and leads to the toilet. You order the food using Order on your cellphone and at the moment they only offer burgers and wings.

We decided to taste the Juicy Lucy (a cheeseburger) and Maggis hot wings. The food came after a few minutes and the burger came with a paper wrap which was great as it was juicy! The burger looked great with well defines cheese slices, thick slices of onion and tomato and of course the beef patty. And it was not just looks – it tasted excellent as well! The wings were also great as they were fresh and juicy – and with a great sticky, spicy glaze. This was awesome and I look forward to trying some of the other burgers on the menu – and look forward to seeing some fries and salad on the menu!

Facts: Homepage: Location: Østervåg 47 – see this Google map. Price: 189 kroner for Juicy Lucy - 23 USD

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