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CouCou Nectar - new juice and salad bar

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

I have been fortunate to travel quite a bit and when I have visited Asia, it has always been a treat to have access to lots of good fruit and to lovely fresh juice and smoothies. Due to this, it was great to see that Stavanger is getting a dedicated fruit and smoothie place and it is called CouCou Nectar and it is located in Pedersgata .

I stopped by the day after the opening in June 2023, and it was bustling in the beautiful weather. The place is small so there are only a few seats. But fortunately, there are some benches in Pedersgata and people were enjoying juices and smoothies in the sunny summer weather. In addition to juice and smoothies, you will also find smoothie bowls, soup, and salad on the menu. Congratulation on the opening of the juice bar CouCou Nectar! The juice bar is in Pedersgata 46, right next to Siddis Gelato.

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