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Delicious pizza at Vesuvia

Updated: Feb 20

Note that Vesuvia closed down in December 2022!

I finally got to visit Sandnes' new pizzeria Vesuvia on Lura. It is a small place with a few tables, so I think it is mostly focused on takeaway. Behind the counter you will find a large wood-fired pizza oven, and that is the first important step of a good pizza experience. I decided on a pizza with Guanciale which is a kind of bacon (cured pork jowl or cheeks) and a pizza with ‘Nduja (a soft, spicy salami from Calabria in Italy). And to fast forward to the conclusion: this was good! The pizza had a delicious base and crispy crust and it looked lovely. ‘Nduja pizza was maybe a little soft and hence a little hard to eat but still delicious. The guanciale pizza was a little salty but was delicious with basil pesto and chili oil to give it a little kick. I can't wait to try more pizzas here!



Location: Stavangerveien 6 - see this Google map

Price: about 200 kroner for a pizza (23 USD)

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