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Enjoying meze at Meze

It's always great when new restaurant opens in Stavanger! Last week, Meze Restaurant opened in a newly refurbished house in Pedersgata 24. This is a restaurant that has a focus on food from Turkey, the Mediterranean and the Middle East - which one might understand by its name. The restaurant is stylish with beautiful tiles, modern interiors, colorful lamps, etc. Naturally, they have meze (i.e. snacks) on the menu and we were lucky enough to taste a large selection of these. We received, of course, hummus as this is served in large areas of the region but also Baba Ganoush (grilled eggplant mash), Tokat Sarma (stuffed vine leaves), both Turkish and Greek Tzatziki, beetroot salad, mash of bellpeppers etc.

There were lots and lots of awesome flavors, but the best was probably çerkez tavuğu which I have not tasted before! This is a kind of mash of boiled chicken, olive oil, walnuts, etc. The meze was served with a fresh thin bread, but I would have enjoyed bread with a little more substance (e.g. a fresh pita)– mostly because I love bread. But all in all: lots of delicious flavors! Next time we'll try some of the main courses and long-roasted lamb sounds delicious. We rounded off with a little sweet treat: Doughnut Baklava by Doughtnut Worry. This is a collaboration with nearby doughnut shop Doughtnut Worry in Pedersgata and shows that businesses in Pedersgata work well together. Thanks for a good meal Meze!

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