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Fly Chicken - clucking good chicken in Pedersgata

Updated: Jun 26

Pedersgata has until now been reserved for the smaller and local restaurants. But a few days ago, the chain restaurant Fly Chicken opened in Pedersgata 9! It is nice with variation in eateries in the food street of Pedersgata but I hope that the street will not be taken over completely by chain stores. I stopped by Fly Chicken on Saturday, and this restaurant is a kind of KFC fast food place. I have to honestly admit that I love a piece of juicy chicken with a crunchy crust, so I was looking forward to eating at Fly Chicken. Décor includes white tiles on the floor and black walls - with the bright yellow logo. There is also a couple of arcade games but unfortunately only one of them worked when I was there. But we were there for the food, and I bought a Fly Cheese. This is a small burger, and it was quite delicious with juicy chicken that had crispy crust and it was a little spicy. It was served with brioche bread, and you can also get “burgers” that is served inside a croissant – I will probably have to try this the next time I stop by.

My friend was hungry, and he ordered the Fly Experience Menu and this included a chicken thigh, 5 wings, fries and 2 different sauces. There was a lot of food here but once again the chicken was juicy and the skin crispy. I'm not a great fan of "loaded fries" (fries topped with various sauce) as I think it can make fries a bit soggy but that's just my taste.

All in all: it was a tasty meal, but this is fast food so it's probably not a place I'm going to go to that often. But at the times where I get a real craving for KFC, I will probably drop by Fly Chicken.

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