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Lovely risotto at Fish & Cow

We went to Fish & Cow late in the afternoon on a Wednesday in April 2016 and the place was quite empty when we got there. I have been there a couple of times in the past and the food has been good but with concrete walls it has also been quite noisy when the restaurant is packed. It seems like they have done some changes to the place (carpets and curtains) and maybe this will fix the issue.

The menu was presented and we decided to go for steamed buns and risotto to start with and then spare ribs shared as a main meal. We also decided to go for a glass of wine each. Wine is expensive when you buy it at a restaurant in Norway but it is quite a bit when you have to pay 140 kroner (17 USD). Luckily the Norwegian kroner is quite weak these days so at least it won’t feel that bad for foreigners.

We got some bread when the steamed buns and risotto was served. The bread was toasted and was maybe a bit on the oily side and the honey butter on the side was too sweet in my opinion. The steamed buns were lovely with a good piece of pork belly and intriguing Asian flavors. The risotto was a risotto prima vera – a risotto with vegetables. I like risotto a lot and I think this was excellent. It was rich and creamy and there were lots of flavors from the peas in the dish. There were also pieces of asparagus in the dish but they did not seem to impact the dish as much as the peas.

The main dish was baby back ribs served with a Korean bbq sauce. The fries were fresh and tasted great and the baby back ribs were good but I was maybe expecting them to be even juicier. To get a full experience I also went for dessert. I first asked the waiter about the frozen cheesecake and it turned out to be a non-baked cheese cake and I’m not sure that I agree calling a cake a cheesecake when it is not baked. I decided to go for the chocolate fondant with vanilla ice. The dessert was presented in a beautiful way and the chocolate fondant was warm and had a runny center.

All in all Fish & Cow still works. The location is great (right at the city square), the menu is not extensive but has some interesting dishes. But it was a bit on the price side. We had the dishes mentioned above and three glasses of wine and that was 1000 Norwegian Kroner (122 USD).

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