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Midweek madness at Bevaremegvel

We stopped by Bevaremegvel on a Wednesday night for a dinner. It is a bit like coming home when you enter as there is a book shelf and sofas. We got a table in the corner and decided to share some Bolinhos to start with and I ordered the risotto and cod while Nikki ordered the burger. The Bolinhos was served fast and they were served on a small salad. The Bolinhos was fresh and piping hot – they were good, but I would have enjoyed having a bit more fish in the mix and less potatoes. The salad was pimped up with a delicious parmesan mayonnaise.

The risotto was served soon after and there was quite a lot of contrast with the green pea risotto, the white cod and the chorizo topping. I love my risotto, and this was great – the risotto was creamy, still a bit al dente and tasted great. I also love cod and having this on top made it feel like a healthy meal and the sprinkle of chorizo on top spiced it up a bit. Nikki had been craving a burger all day and the angus burger did not disappoint.

All in all: once again a good meal in an informal atmosphere at Bevaremegvel. I’m sure we will be back again soon!

Facts: Homepage: Location: Skagen 12 – see this Google map Price for food on this visit: 285 kroner (about 31 USD) for risotto , 255 kroner (27 USD) for the burger

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