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Lively weeknight at CinCin

I finally got to re-visit CinCin – this time with a friend on a weekday. We have stopped by recently but only for drinks as they do have a great lounge with good cocktails/wine. We had an early reservation (6.30 PM), and the place was not full when we came but was packed by the time we left.

As always, the set menu started with a Thai inspired curry soup that has been on the menu for some years – I do like my Thai food, so I appreciate the slight chili kick in the soup. CinCin has French/Italian chefs but seems to have a fascination of the Asian cuisine as we continued with some Asian “tapas” – Korean BBQ chicken, Vietnamese spring roll (not the deep-fried kind), a shrimp/beef dumpling and Kakiage (a sort of tempura). Al lovely small bites with different taste, spiciness and texture!

We moved on to steak tartare served in various ways with a ponzu sauce – before we suddenly moved into the European cuisine and got a tasty mussel risotto. Seafood risotto can sometime be a bit dry, but this was made creamy with quite a few mussels in it and sprinkled with a bit of lemon. The following cod dish featured a cod that was unbelievably tender and came with fennel sauce, scallop and some roe. Personally, I would have left out the potato chips that were sprinkled on top but that’s just me. We rounded off with some lamb that seemed a bit uninspired. The lamb was good, but the lentil side dish was not that exciting, but I did enjoy the pea and wild garlic puree. Dessert was a classic panna cotta topped with chocolate mousse and it seemed like they had sprinkled some dark cocoa nibs in it that gave it a crush and added some bitterness to the sweet dessert.

By the time we were done, the place was packed, and it was very lively. This also means that the sound level was quite high but note that there is a Chambre séparée that can be booked if you need some more privacy.

I think CinCin is a fun place. The place is very laidback, service is good, and the set menu allows you to explore a bit of the Asian cuisine before you move over to a more Italian/French cuisine. Make sure to try CinCin if you are looking for a bustling and lively place with a unique mix of flavors.


- fun combination of an Asian and European set menu

- good service


- lively means that sound level can be intense - the soup has been on the menu for some time, maybe time for a twist?

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