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Olivia is easy to like

We went to Olivia recently and it has been a while since we have been there. This is a chain restaurant, and they have nice facilities in Vågen in Stavanger and in the summer they also have great outdoor facilities. This is an Italian restaurant and hence menu and wine list contain Italian food and Italian wines.

The starters are not that exciting in my honest opinion, but it is great to see that they have burrata on the starter menu. The food options are dominated by pizza and pasta and if you want to go for pizza, I recommend the 'Nduja and burrata – if you like it a bit spicy of course. The 'Nduja is quite spicy and can be quite intense so be warned. I had ravioli filled with porcini mushroom and it was quite a good dish.

All in all I would say that Olivia is easy to like and most people will find something on the menu that they would like to eat. The restaurant is quite big and it seems to be popular for larger groups as the can cater for that. But if you want more authentic Italian food I would still recommend that you take a short walk to Casa Gio or Italo.


Location: Kongsgårdbakken 1 - see this Google map

Price: burrata starter is 168 kr (18 USD), 'Nduja and burrata pizza is 207 kr (22 USD) and ravioli was 210 kr (23 USD)

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